An Unofficial Half-Life Game Is Out Now On Steam And It’s Bad

After Marc Laidlaw laid bare what the potential plot of Half-Life 3 could have been last year, it became even more apparent that we’d likely never see a proper conclusion to the story of Black Mesa’s Gordon Freeman.

That hasn’t stopped developers from cobbling together their own new experiences within the Half-Life universe, even if they’re unaffiliated with Valve and considered to be bad on a cosmic scale.

From the team at Royal Rudius Entertainment comes Hunt Down The Freeman, a hot mess that places you in the shoes of a cliched, scar-faced villain.

Of course, Valve has no involvement with the project and it is rife with bugs and game-breaking glitches already. Plus, to make matters worse, a prominent Half-Life subreddit has been tearing the game to shreds.

Hunt Down The Freeman retails for $24.99USD, which is just over $30AUD.

The listed features include a rich story, parkour mechanics, new characters voiced by prominent “multimedia celebrities,” over 45 minutes of cut-scenes and high-poly models that’ll “push Source to the limit”.

At the time of posting, the game has a very negative rating on Steam with only 19% of its 197 reviews being positive. Ouch.

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