Apex Legends Has Hit 25 Million Players

Apex Legends has, it’s safe to say, taken the world by storm. Within its first three days, it managed to hit 10m players. It seems the growth has continued to trend upward as just a week after launch, Respawn’s battle royale has hit the 25m players mark.

The update came courtesy of a clearly ecstatic Vince Zampella, who took the chance to link users to a congratulatory post that also took time to remind us of what is in the pipeline for Apex Legends in the weeks and months to come.

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While reminding gamers of the Twitch Rivals event that’ll be taking place over the next week, Zampella also revealed that there’s going to be some limited-time themed loot that ties into Valentine’s Day. This suggests Respawn is going to follow in the footsteps of other genre heavy hitters with one-off events, which is exciting.

“Don’t forget,” Zampella says in his final dot point. “Season One kicks off in March, introducing the debut of our Battle Pass as well as new Legends, weapons, loot, and more.”

So, it’s certainly a great time for Respawn and it’s a great time to be an Apex Legend.

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