Nvidia GPU

Nvidia’s Big GPU Event Has Been Officially Announced

Earlier today, Nvidia began teasing what appeared to be its next-gen GPU range (rumoured to be the RTX 3080 line). The company has now confirmed that the event will be taking place on September 2nd at 2am AEST.

Nvidia hasn’t given much information about what we can expect, but they have advised that “during the event, Huang will highlight the company’s latest innovations in gaming and graphics.”

The event page reads:


21 days. 21 years. Before we enter the future, join us to celebrate the biggest breakthroughs in PC gaming since 1999 and what comes next.

There’s also a meaty blog post on Nvidia’s website, which will definitely hype you for what’s to come. You can read that HERE.

We’ll keep you posted after the event takes place on September 2nd.