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Cyberpunk 2077 Has A Corrupted Save Problem When Crafting Too Many Items

The Cyberpunk 2077 problems keep mounting. There’s now a known issue that is becoming a problem for those that have had their save file reach 8mb in size due to crafting too many items.

It’s CD Projekt Red’s response that makes this issue even more alarming with the developer/publisher saying people that run into this issue will need to use an older save to continue playing and “try to keep a lower amount of items and crafting materials”.

CD Projekt Red’s full response about this issue is below:

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“Unfortunately the save is damaged and can’t be recovered.

Please use an older save file to continue playing and try to keep a lower amount of items and crafting materials.

If you have used the item duplication glitch, please load a save file not affected by it.

The save file size limit might be increased in one of the future patches, but the corrupted files will remain that way.”

Surely this is something that is going to be patched out as crafting is a big part of the game.

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