Bloober Team Has Confirmed They’re Returning To Layers Of Fear

During the Tokyo Game Show this weekend, Bloober Team confirmed that they’re returning to the Layers of Fear universe for their next title.

It’s obviously been rumoured that Bloober Team is also working in partnership with Konami on an interpretation of Silent Hill. Another entry in their Layers of Fear series would mean that Bloober Team is, in fact, working on at least two AAA games currently.

This next Layers of Fear, which serves as the developer’s follow-up to their most recent work with The Medium, is going to be developed in Unreal Engine 5.

“Layers of Fear was a breakthrough project for us—it paved the path for Bloober Team and began our rapid growth, allowing us to explore more stories we’ve wanted to tell,” said studio CEO Piotr Babiebo.

“For me, it’s important that we make this announcement during the Tokyo Games Show, as for many of us Japan is the cradle of psychological horror games.”