Lost Ark Australian Servers

Lost Ark Won’t Be Adding Australian Servers Any Time Soon

Earlier this week we reported on Lost Ark rocketing to the top of the Steam charts, boasting an impressive 1.3 million concurrent players during its debut in the Western market.  After scheduled maintenance, today, Lost Ark announced that they would be adding new servers in Europe to reduce painful queue times. In response to this announcement, one Twitter user asked the Lost Ark team whether they planned on adding servers to the OCE region for the benefit of Aussie players…

…to which Lost Ark disappointingly said…nope.

This is an unfortunate blow to players exploring the realm of Arkesia from down under since most of us have been doing so while suffering upwards of 250 ping, making end-game PvP content almost unplayable. According to Lost Ark community reps, the primary owner of the game Smilegate RPG has not given Amazon the legal rights to publish the game in Australia, blocking the publisher from generating dedicated servers in our region.


Despite this, local players are banding together to capture the attention of Amazon Game Studios with a petition that has already managed to gather over 1600 signatures. In the meantime, it seems like the North American server “Valtan” has become a pseudo-OCE server, with ANZ players using the official Lost Ark forums to encourage other players from the region to join them there.