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Dragon Quest Treasures Has Received A Surprise PC Port And It’s Available Right Now


A shiny new PC port of last year’s very decent series spinoff, Dragon Quest Treasures, has dropped over the weekend, bringing the once Switch-exclusive title to life with a high-res new sheen that will no doubt be appreciated by those disappointed with the somewhat-muddy presentation of the game on Nintendo’s hardware.

Square Enix says the PC port of Dragon Quest treasures features “improved graphical fidelity and frame rate” and, fittingly given its portable origins, the game is also already Steam Deck Verified.

You can get the game on Steam right now for $69.95 for the Standard Edition or $74.95 for the Digital Deluxe Edition which includes three monster allies and a bundle of consumable items, plus all players who purchase the Steam version of the game from launch until July 28th will get some extra in-game items to help them on their adventure including:

  • Chimaera Wing (x10) – Returns players to base immediately without losing any treasure
  • Better Buddy Bullet (x15) – Increases the likelihood of a monster wanting to join the player’s gang
  • Fullheal Pellet (x15) – Fully restores the HP of a single ally
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We gave the initial Nintendo Switch release of Dragon Quest Treasures a 7.5/10 in our review, saying “Dragon Quest Treasures is a simple yet wholesome and endearing Dragon Quest experience that stands out among the crowd. It might not retain some of the lustre and sheen from mainline entries, but an addictive gameplay loop and enticing exploration makes for an adventure worth undertaking.”

Check out the PC launch trailer for Dragon Quest Treasures below:


Erik and his sister Mia dream of the day they can explore the world. One night they encounter a pair of otherworldly creatures, Porcus and Purrsula, and are whisked away to Draconia – a land full of treasures just waiting to be discovered.

“DRAGON QUEST TREASURES” is a Treasure Hunting RPG that allows players to enjoy a boundless adventure and free-spirited treasure hunting.