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Final Fantasy 16’s PC Release Will Be Getting A Demo Soonish

Well, at some point in the next year or so.

Square Enix hasn’t said a huge amount about the PC port of last year’s PS5 console exclusive Final Fantasy XVI since revealing it was happening back in September, but now producer Naoki Yoshida has spoken up about how work on the PC version is going in an interview with Game Informer’s Wesley LeBlanc.

The iconic Yoshi-P told LeBlanc that the team is currently figuring out “the final stages of optimisation,” although a release date hasn’t been locked in. According to the producer, the required PC specifications will be on the higher side, which makes some sense given how intensive the game is on PS5.

“In terms of where we are in development currently, we’re trying to figure out the final stages of optimisation right now. When we can release the PC version might be dependent on that – the system requirements and specifications for PC that players will need, so we’re trying to figure that out. Naturally, [the PC specifications] are looking to be somewhat high.”

“In terms of when it’s going to come out or when we can announce it, I’d like to ask for more time on that.”

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Yoshida also revealed that a demo for the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI will be released at some point in the next 12 months or so, which should help folks figure out if the game will run on their rigs.

“…we’re looking to release a demo for the PC version as well,” Yoshida told the outlet. “Again, we can’t really talk about too much in terms of details of when it’s going to come out – I think in a little bit more time we’ll be in a better place to announce things. But one thing’s for sure: It won’t be too distant in the future; it won’t be a year, it won’t be two years, it will probably be shorter than that, so stay tuned.”

You can read the full piece on Game Informer here.