An Aussie Esports Event With $450,000 In Prize Money Has Been Announced

Gfinity Australia has been announced and will feature the biggest ever domestic league for games in Australia. It will have a massive $450,000 prize pool across three games games including include Counter Strike, Rocket League and Street Fighter V. You can join up to participate right HERE.

Anybody will be able to take place in the Challenger Series with the pre-season starting this week. $15,000 of prize money will be up for grabs each month. From the Challenge Series, the best players will move on to the Elite Draft with the opportunity for the best players from this league to go on and take place in the Elite Series.

The Elite Series is basically where city based teams will get together in a live Sydney studio to fight it out to reign supreme. There will be six teams (each represented a major city) who will do battle across seven weeks.

This is a pretty big deal for Australian esports and should provide a great pathway for gamers that don’t quite know how to take that next step into competitive gaming. It’s all a little bit confusing, but the video below has a great explanation.