God Of War Has A Brutal ‘Give Me God Of War’ Difficulty Setting

I’ve already extensively covered just how much the brand new God of War game differs from the previous ones, but there was one thing I noticed when I first booted the game up. The game now offers a new difficulty setting called “Give Me God of War”.

The description for the difficulty setting read:

“Give Me God Of War is for those who want the game as difficult as possible, requiring god-like reflexes and strategy”

What was more interesting is the fact that when choosing this specific difficulty at the start of the game, you can’t lower it, where the other difficulty levels didn’t offer such a disclaimer. As such, I’d assume that the changes this mode makes to the game are pretty substantial.

The other difficulty modes on offer are “Give Me A Story, “Give Me A Balanced Experience” and “Give Me A Challenge”. Given I was playing on the Balanced Experience option, and still died several times, I am in fear to think what “Give Me God of War” difficulty would feel like.

I personally found the previous God of War games to be tough on their harder difficulty settings, but this looks to take things to a whole new level.

We weren’t able to confirm whether the difficulty level would be unlocked from the get-go, though we’d hope so.

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