Boats Won’t Be The Only Mode Of Transport In God Of War

During my hands-on session with God of War last week, there was a small segment of gameplay that had me navigating the water with a small boat. It was much slower paced, compared to previous God of War games and I definitely enjoyed taking in the sights.

Whilst speaking to Aaron Kaufman, the Community Manager at Santa Monica Studios, during my demo, I asked  how big of a role boat transportation will play in this game.

“The boat plays a very significant part of the game. It’s no secret that it becomes a navigation tool, but how and when you use it is very exciting” said Kaufman

What intrigued me even more though is the fact that when I asked if this would be the only mode of transportation used to navigate the various regions, he more than hinted at the fact that there would be other modes of transportation straight out of the Norse mythology.

“It’s one of the ways you’ll get from region to region. There’s definitely multiple avenues of how you’re going to get around this world. Obviously all of them belong in the Norse mythology” said Kaufman

I can’t wait to see what surprises Sony Santa Monica have in-store for the new God Of War. It launches on April 20th.