RAGE 2 Is Almost Certainly Getting Announced Tonight

So less than a week ago now, Walmart leaked a bunch of presumably upcoming games. 

One of the most surprising (and intriguing) games on the list was RAGE 2. There weren’t any whispers of another RAGE game coming out beyond the sequel that was cancelled many years ago.

Bethesda were very quick to open up an official RAGE Twitter account and Bethesda has subsequently started teasing a game (that looks a lot like RAGE) on all of their social accounts.

Well, if that wasn’t enough for you, the official RAGE Twitter account has just Tweeted out that a file sequence that pretty much confirms that RAGE 2 is getting announced today.

Going off the fact that this is American timing, it’ll either be very late tonight or early tomorrow morning, but regardless we should definitely have our first look at a RAGE sequel by this time tomorrow.

It’s also interesting to see what this means for the other games on the list. Considering this game was leaked on the Walmart list (and hadn’t been hinted at before), it must mean that there’s at least some truth to the other games on the list.