People Are Building Amazing Things In Fortnite’s Playground Mode

Fortnite’s much anticipated Playground Limited Time Mode finally launched yesterday, and it shows the full potential of Fortnite’s building capabilities.

For those that don’t know, the new Playground LTM is pretty much an open sand box that throws an endless amount of resources at you, with a bunch of time for squads to spend on the island.

You can literally only play as a squad of four and friendly fire is also turned on, but your friends will respawn almost instantly. Players also have one hour to build until their heart is content. At the 55 minute mark, the storm will close in taking the player and everything they’ve built with it.

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I’ve seen a bunch of great buildings, although most are in closed Facebook groups. The best was probably this massive building of the words ‘Fortnite’ which a brick wall in front of it. As the storm closed it, the players used remote explosives to take down the wall revealing the massive ‘Fortnite’.