One Of The Japanese Devil May Cry 5 Collector’s Edition Costs A Casual $11,000

Not to be outdone by Resident Evil 2’s pricey premium edition that came with a $1200 Typewriter, Capcom have today announced the special editions that you’ll be able to grab from their Japan exclusive E-Capcom store, and many of the offerings will be sure to raise a few eyebrows.

The Limited Edition of the game seems like pretty standard fare for a collector’s edition, featuring a work shirt that is styled as if you were an employee of the devil hunting company themselves, Devil May Cry. It also, of course, comes with a copy of the game.Without a doubt the biggest eyebrow raiser with this announcement, however, is the Ultra Limited Edition. These editions are available in three different kinds – one for Dante, Nero and newcomer V individually.

As well as the game, the Ultra Limited Edition comes with a full trench coat based on the character edition that you buy. If you purchase Nero’s, you can even select whether it comes with battle damaged sleeves or not! Amazing.

These costumes are based on the same authentic replicas the actors wore themselves when motion capturing the cutscenes, as Capcom’s RE Engine scans in photographs of real objects to give a photorealistic look, so everything you see in the game existed in real life at one point or another.The newcomer V has the cheapest edition, coming in at 600,000Y which is roughy $7500AUD. It makes sense, after all, as his trenchcoat has no sleeves, right?

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Nero is the next most expensive, coming in at 750,000Y which is roughly $9400AUD.

The most expensive one, as you’d expect, is Dante’s. His signature red coat will cost you a very casual 900,00Y which is about $11,250AUD. Pricey, for sure, though they’re real leather! If that helps.

While it’s almost certain we won’t get these editions in Australia, or anywhere outside of Japan, those who are super keen can still grab them through a proxy shopping service most likely. You can find all the editions HERE.

Devil May Cry V launches for Playstation 4 and Xbox One on March 8th 2019 in Australia. Any special editions of the game have yet to be confirmed for regions besides Japan.

Would you ever spend this much on a Limited Edition?