The AFL Evolution 2 Facebook Page Is Getting Savaged Over An Extremely Low Quality Image

It’s pretty well documented at this point that the marketing for the last few AFL games has been a bit all over the shop, but it looks to be going to a new level with AFL Evolution 2.

The game was revealed last year, but we’ve heard next to nothing since (which is a little surprising considering the 2019 season is just a few weeks away).

Someone at the publisher updated their Facebook page today, with an incredibly (we mean incredibly) low quality profile picture. It’s tiny, incredibly pixelated and it’s still up there hours later, despite being absolutely trolled by hundreds of AFL fans. You can check out the post here. It’s well worth your time.


It wasn’t the first time they attempted to upload a picture either. The first attempt was just a black screen, with the second being a completely chopped logo.