PlayStation And Kojima Just Posted An 8 Minute Release Date Reveal Trailer for Death Stranding

As rumoured earlier in the week (and even earlier in the day), PlayStation and Kojima Productions have put up a trailer announcing that Death Stranding will release on November 8th 2019.

You can see the latest trailer below, though be warned it’s eight minutes and a lot to take in.

Death Stranding marks the first game that Hideo Kojima has directed since his rather public split with Konami, as well as the first non-Metal Gear project he’s directed since 1994’s Policenauts.

The game is an exclusive for Playstation 4, and stars Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Troy Baker, Lindsay Wagner, Nicholas Winding Refn, Margaret Qualley, Tommie Earl Jenkins and Léa Seydoux in starring roles. Guillermo Del Toro appears as a special guest.

Local release details, including confirmation of any special editions, are expected to follow in the morning.


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