Death Stranding 2 Is Officially Called On The Beach And It’s Coming In 2025

His job is just Beach.

This morning saw the premier of the year’s first PlayStation State of Play, which gave us a look at around 40 minutes of reveals and updates on games coming to PlayStation in 2024 and beyond. There were some neat surprises (early leaks be damned) as well as some exciting extended looks and new information on upcoming games.

One of those important updates is something that Death Stranding fans have been hanging for ever since the sequel was first revealed – a new look at Death Stranding 2, as well as a release window of 2025.

Something that folks might not have expected to see (unless, again, you were following those early leaks) is an extended title for the game, which is now officially called Death Stranding 2: On The Beach.

The trailer is about what you’d expect from a Kojima Productions joint – weird as hell and full of mysteries to unpack. There’s returning characters, babies spewing flying vehicles, everyone’s blue at one point for some reason, creepy talking puppets, Troy Baker as the Joker (basically) with a guitar-gunblade thing, and even more varied environments than we’ve seen before. Check it out: