Call Of Duty’s New 2v2 Gunfight Mode Is Really Damn Good

Activision has released the first gameplay trailer for Call Of Duty’s newest mode Gunfight. The mode will launch within Modern Warfare and basically pits two teams of two against each other in fast-paced action.

I actually got to play it at E3 and it’s very familiar yet manages to give the franchise a whole new feeling. Basically, the maps are small and you’ve got 40 seconds to eliminate both competitors on the other team. If you don’t do so in the allotted time, it’ll be the first person to make it to a flag (that’s placed randomly on the map) to win the round. Basically, once you’ve won six rounds, you’ll win the game.

The thing that keeps this mode interesting is the fact that you spawn with random guns (all four people get the same) at the start of each of the round, so sometimes you’ll be going around with a pistol whilst others you could be wielding a rocket launcher.

All three modes that I played were fantastic a swell. Stack is set in a container yard, King is set inside a warehouse  and Pine is a forest location.