Ape Escape

The Ape Escape 20th Anniversary Twitter Account Is Shutting Down Without Announcing Anything

Pure devastation is the only way to describe it.

It looks like the Ape Escape Twitter account that was created to celebrate Ape Escape’s 20th anniversary is closing down after announcing *checks notes* absolutely nothing.

The account popped up in June 2019 teasing a year of wonderful and exciting information. This same message was then reiterated on January 1st with another Tweet. We got a few teases, a couple of new pieces of merch, but apart from that, absolutely nothing and now it looks like the Twitter account is closing.

In a series of tweets, a monkey from Ape Escape is seen leaving a building, saying that he enjoyed his 20th anniversary, but that it’s now time to leave. Oddly enough, the tweet then goes on to say that “there are things that I could and couldn’t do in the last year, but I have some regrets”. Is this hinting at the fact that a game or revival was in the works before being cancelled?

I’ll keep you posted on any Ape Escape news, but I’m less hopeful than ever.