Borderlands 3 PS5

Borderlands 3 Is Coming To PS5/Xbox Series X With 4K/60FPS Graphics As A Free Upgrade For Owners

Gearbox Software took to the PAX Online stage this morning to announce that Borderlands 3 is coming to PS5/Xbox Series X.

The next-gen version of the Borderlands 3 will be a free upgrade for those that own the game on Xbox One/PS4. The PS5/Xbox Series X version will run at 4K/60FPS. It will also bring new split-screen options including the ability to do four-player split-screen as well as the ability to do vertical and horizontal split-screen (this will also come to PS4/Xbox One versions).

It was also confirmed that Borderlands 3 will get additional add-on content later this year. This paid add-on won’t be more campaign DLC, but will instead include a brand new game mode as well as a new skill tree for each Vault Hunter.

The first Vault Hunter skill tree that we got to see was FL4K’s new Trapper skill tree which brings new shields and survivability for FL4K and their pet. A new pet is also coming in the form of a Hyperion Loaderboat.

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