Apex Legends LEgacy

Apex Legends Legacy Will Bring A New Legend And Some Form Of Titans

You might have forgotten that Apex Legends is based in the Titanfall universe, and it looks like we’re finally getting Titans in the game (to some degree).

Valkyrie is set to join the game in Apex Legends Season 9, which is titled “Legacy”. What’s most exciting is the fact that Valkyrie is the daughter of Viper from Titanfall 2. We can already tell from the nine minute or so story cinematic that Valkyrie appears to have some kind of Titan gear as part of her arsenal, so whilst it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting full mechs, it does appear that we’ll start heading in that direction.

Valkyrie’s abilities got datamined and whilst these will may not be final, they do indicate exactly this:

  • VTOL Jets (passive) – Hold jump to initiate VTOL Jets – basically a jetpack that allows you to hover
  • Cluster Missile (tactical) – Fire a rocket that explodes multiple times on impact
  • Skyward (ultimate) – Press once to prime for launch, and teammates can join in with the Ult at this stage. Press again to launch into the air and then skydive.

Officially, we know that Valkyrie will have a new weapon called the Bocek Bow and that the map will be infested with roots and natural growth.

It’s expected that Apex Legends Legacy will launch on May 4th.