Resident Evil Village JB HI-Fi

A JB Hi-Fi Store Has Apparently Sold Resident Evil Village On PS5 A Whole Week Early

Street date breaks used to be a thing in Australia, but not so much anymore. That hasn’t stopped at least one JB Hi-Fi store in NSW from apparently selling Resident Evil Village on PS5 an entire week early on Friday afternoon.

An online user posted a photo of a sealed copy of the game on PS5 along with a receipt from the JB Hi-Fi store. At least two people were able to grab the game off the shelves and walk out of the store with it after purchasing it.

Resident Evil Village JB Hi-Fi

Whilst we don’t expect the game to break street date over this, it’s certainly a fairly big deal that a major game like this has been actually sold to customers a week in advance of it hitting stores. We had heard independently that copies of Resident Evil Village started hitting stores late this week, and we know that copies were in the country a week or so ago, with a Reddit user managing to pick a copy up.

We haven’t had many street date breaks since last year when AFL Evolution 2 and Final Fantasy V Remake were both sold early (but that was with the publisher’s approval).

Resident Evil Village officially launches on May 7th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. Not too long to go now. If there does happen to be a street date break, obviously we’ll keep you posted, but I don’t foresee that you’ll be able to walk into a JB HI-Fi store this weekend and grab a copy.