Final Fantasy Origin

A New Final Fantasy Game Called Final Fantasy Origin Is Apparently Coming To PS5

Fanbyte is reporting that a new Final Fantasy game called Final Fantasy Origin is set to be announced during E3 next month.

The game is apparently in development by Team Ninja, and is said to play similarly to the Souls games a well in Nioh. Fitting with the name Origin, the world is apparently set to be inspired by the original Final Fantasy game.

It’s said that the game will launch exclusively on PS5 to begin with and come to PC at a later date. It’s also said that the game will be a tentpole title at Square Enix’s E3 showcase which is set to take place next month (no exact date has been given yet).

Speaking more about the game, Fanbyte said that “Expect the title to play similar to Nioh or other games in the genre, but to be more accessible for a wider audience. Fanbyte’s sources indicated that the game is largely developed by the same team behind Dissidia NT, but that Team Ninja’s nearly-200 person studio involves a lot of shifting around and that there aren’t hard borders on the different teams these days. The Nioh DNA in the game is likely the result of people core to the first two games’ development being involved in Final Fantasy Origin.”

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It’s important to note that this is separate to Final Fantasy XVI which has also been confirmed to be coming to PS5. We don’t have much information about it yet though.