A Sequel To Yakuza: Like A Dragon Is In Development As Toshihiro Nagoshi Leaves SEGA

SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio have announced a restructuring of their leadership team as the studio counts its 10th anniversary in 2021, with two of the key figures behind the Yakuza and Judgment games making an exit.

The head of RGG Studio, Toshihiro Nagoshi, as well as studio lead, Daisuke Sato, announced their departure from SEGA in a post on the developer’s official website, with the new core team revealed for the series going forward. It was also mentioned that a direct sequel to Yakuza: Like a Dragon is in active development, continuing the story of Ichiban Kasuga.

The new leadership structure at Ryu Ga Gotoku will be as follows:

  • Masayoshi Yokoyama (Director of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio/Executive Producer)
  • Ryosuke Horii (Yakuza series Chief Director)
  • Hiroyuki Sakamoto (Yakuza series Chief Producer)
  • Yutaka Ito (Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio Technical Manager/Lost Judgment Director)
  • Nobuaki Mitake (Yakuza series Art Director)
  • Takayuki Sorimachi (Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio Animation Director)
  • Daisuke Fukagawa (Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio Visual Design and Cutscene Director)
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You can read the full post here, which includes heartfelt statements from Nagoshi-san and Sato-san.