Everyone That Owns The Original Dying Light Has Been Upgraded To The Enhanced Edition For Free

Techland and Warner Bros. Interactive are giving all existing owners of the base version of the original Dying Light a free upgrade to the Enhanced Edition for free, as part of the game’s final update.

The upgrade was announced on the game’s official Twitter and is in effect now. Users simply need to navigate to the DLC Packs menu option after booting the game and download the extra content from there.

The Dying Light Enhanced Edition includes the game and the following extras:

  • Dying Light: The Following – a huge expansion complete with a new story, vast original map, and a customizable buggy to drive.
  • Dying Light: Bozak Horde – a challenging game mode with its own side story.
  • Cuisine & Cargo DLC – two additional quarantine zones.
  • Ultimate Survivor Bundle – exclusive weapons and outfits.
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It’s worth noting that all versions of the game already have access to the free next-gen update for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, and the Enhanced Edition doesn’t include the Dying Light: Hellraid expansion. That can be found in the Platinum Edition, which is currently only $23.38 on the PlayStation Store.