Neil Druckmann Has Confirmed He’s Working On A Brand New Game

Although it’s probably to be expected, hearing the news that Naughty Dog creative lead Neil Druckmann is, indeed, working on a brand new game.

He dropped the tidbit while discussing the new remake for The Last of Us at Summer Games Fest and said that while it’s “too early” to talk about it, there’s every chance it might be a feature on one of Geoff Keighley’s future Summer Games Fest presentations.

He also fired a small shot across PlayStation’s bow, in response to the overnight leak of The Last of Us Part I suggesting that he could talk about the new game if someone at Sony wanted to leak it.

During the presentation, Druckmann also shed some more light on the upcoming multiplayer project set in The Last of Us’s universe, which has apparently grown drastically in scope. He also offered up a first look at the HBO TV series, in particular a shot from an episode he directed himself.

While we’re sure speculation will run wild over what exactly Druckmann might be working on, it’s sure to be some time before we hear any more about the project.