God Of War Ragnarok

The God Of War Ragnarok Developers Have Issued A Message To Fans With Spoilers Flooding The Internet

Santa Monica Studio is asking everyone to stay vigilant!

A few days ago we reported that copies of the upcoming PlayStation Studios behemoth, God of War Ragnarök, had found their way into the public’s hands after a US retailer sold them a whole two weeks ahead of launch.

That’s resulted in numerous spoilers finding their way onto the internet in a situation which is no doubt distressing to the folks at developer Santa Monica Studio who’ve spent a long time working on the game and making sure there are plenty of surprises in store for fans.


The studio has addressed the situation, taking to Twitter with a sincere message to players and internet-goers asking for their help in combating leaks by not sharing or engaging with spoilers and advising them to mute keywords and hashtags on social media. You can read the statement below:


“As we approach launch, it is important for our studio to preserve the experience of God of War Ragnarok for players who want to enjoy the game for the first time without spoilers.

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We ask that you please be considerate of the many fans who do not want to accidentally see clips, gameplay, or narrative spoilers and avoid sharing them wider.

We are doing our best to limit the exposure of unsanctioned footage and screenshots, but the reality is that we cannot catch everything.

For those of you who do not want to risk seeing anything before launch, we strongly advise that you mute any keywords or hashtags associated with the game until release day.

We appreciate the support you’ve shown us more than we can say. We can assure you it will be worth the wait to experience the game yourself when it is released in less than two weeks on November 9th.

Thank you.

Santa Monica Studio”

God of War Ragnarök releases on November 9th for PS5 and PS4. Amazon currently has the cheapest prices at $98 for PS5 and $79 for PS4. We’ll have a full review for the game at 3AM AEDT on November 4th.