project the perciever

Project: The Perceiver Is A Chinese Open World Action Game With Heavy Sekiro And Ghost Of Tsushima Vibes

This looks gorgeous!

Developers Papergames and 17ZHE Studio have announced a brand-new open-world action game titled Project: The Perciever.

The game is based on the Chinese Lao Zhuang canon, and centres around a fallen dynasty that leaves a nation in chaos. You play as the Master of Varietas, a protagonist with unique abilities that, from what we can tell in the game’s debut trailer, allow them to don different outfits based on masks that give them new strength.

Project: The Perciever will feature several ancient cities in its beautiful fantasy world, a variety of unique characters and plenty of exciting combat. From the footage it looks stunning, and definitely gives us a distinct Ghost of Tsushima vibe in its open world and swordplay, with some fantastical, Sekiro-esque elements thrown in.

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A release date and release platforms have not been announced, though we know it’s at least coming to PlayStation based on the Debut Trailer’s presence on the PlayStation YouTube channel. Watch it here: