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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Next Major Update Is Out And Here’s What’s New

Missions in Uncharted Space!

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s newest update has finally arrived, bringing with it the new Toy Story realm and allowing players to add Buzz and Woody to their bustling in-game community.

It comes alongside a major content update though, so there’s more to it than just playing with some sentient toys.

Outside of being able to unlock the new realm in the Dream Castle and completing its objectives to bring the Toy Story stars (and one other, exciting new resident) home, you’ll also have access to a new limtied-time Star Path with a ton of Christmas-themed cosmetics and furniture to earn by completing in-game objectives.

Gameloft has also implemented a heap of player community-driven changes in the new update, which are listed below:

  • We’ve added a Day/Night toggle so that fans from every time zone can choose to enjoy Dreamlight Valley’s sunsets and sunrises as they choose! This is a visual change only, and will not affect gameplay.
  • Dress your best for the holiday season – new seasonally themed makeup has been added to the makeup category.
  • Up your efficiency! Brand new Royal Tool enchantments for Shovel, Fishing Rod, and Pickaxe.
  • Have a favourite memory? Highlight it in a special Memory Frame that was delivered directly to your player inventory!
  • Previously unlocked by players in our Wishlist Campaign – the first Character Skins are available in the Valley! You can find two new ‘Dreamlight Styles’ for Merlin and Mickey available in the Festive Star Path.
  • Worried about the environmental concerns of leaving your lights on in your home? You can now toggle floor/wall lights on and off.
  • You can now hang out with Ariel! We can’t wait to see your adventures together.
  • It looks like Kristoff expanded his stall offerings – you’ll now find other purchasable materials on sale, including iron ingots.
  • Want to unlock your entire Star Path immediately? Optional Moonstone packages are now available for purchase.
  • Steam Deck users, rejoice! Disney Dreamlight Valley has been officially verified as fully compatible with Steam Deck.
  • Socks.

Lastly, a raft of bug fixes and optimisations have been patched into the game, including performance improvements, install size reductions, better item distribution and more. You can read the full update notes right here.