gran turismo movie

Here’s Your First Look At The Gran Turismo Movie

Race into cinemas!

During Sony’s CES 2023 conference, where it spoke at length about its film and imaging divisions, Neil Blomkamp alongside Sony producers took to the stage to formally introduce the upcoming Gran Turismo movie, which releases on August 11, 2023.

Blomkamp describes how the process of producing the film, itself adapted from true story, was a great marriage of video game and real life and will be a stunning showcase of film and cinematography using Sony technology. Hyper-detailed shots inside tiny racing cockpits and unique video-game inspired racing POV shots were apparently made possible due to the versatility of Sony’s cameras.

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The trio also introduced a promo clip of the film including some in-movie segments and behind the scenes with David Harbour and Orlando Bloom.

Check out the teaser video below: