No Man’s Sky’s Fractal Update Is Out Now And Adds PlayStation VR2 Support And More

Another massive update to the ever-changing game.

We knew that No Man’s Sky would be getting an update adding VR support to the PS5 version of the game, coinciding with the launch of the PlayStation VR2, but now that it’s dropped, the 4.1 update has turned out to be much more substantial than just that.

The game has had many sizeable updates in the years since its rather disappointing launch, turning it around to be something quite exciting and endlessly playable.

The update, titled “Fractal”, adds new features to the game on all platforms, including gyroscopic controls for PlayStation, Switch and Steam Deck, a new “Utopia Speeder” starship that can skim across planet surfaces at high speeds, a new multiplayer Expedition with exclusive rewards, an overhauled options menu with new accessibility settings, a neat new Wonders Catalogue for showing off player’s most unique discoveries and a heap more.

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You can read the full Fractal update breakdown and patch notes here.

As for its newly-added PlayStation VR2 Support, the game will be fully playable in the headset with players able to continue their existing saves. It’ll have new VR-exclusive interactions, support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D audio, new controls and a new UI.

No Man’s Sky is one of nearly 50 “launch window” releases for the PlayStation VR2, which released this week.

We reviewed PlayStation’s next-generation VR headset and are thoroughly impressed by the technology, saying “The PlayStation VR2 is an astonishingly impressive bit of gear, combining exciting and innovative features with supreme comfort and usability and leveraging the power of the PlayStation 5 to provide an all-around fantastic VR experience.”