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Disney Speedstorm Is Out Now In Early Access And PlayStation Plus Deluxe Members Get A Free Trial

You can play as Meg. I'm sold.

Fans of Disney, Pixar and racing rejoice – Gameloft’s action-packed new racer, Disney Speedstorm, is out now in Early Access.

We’ve spoken about it plenty before but if you need a refresher, Disney Speedstorm is a combat racer set across Disney and Pixar-themed courses where iconic characters use their unique skills to vie for victory. The game will be free-to-play when it launches in full, but for now in its early access period it’s being sold as a “Founder’s Pack” with extra benefits to those who drop some cash to get in early.

If you’re on PlayStation and you’re subscribed to the PlayStation Plus Deluxe tier membership you’re also in a little extra luck as there’s a free two-hour trial available for the Disney Speedstorm Founder’s Pack so you can see if you’re into it enough to drop between $47 and $110 on the early access release or happy to wait for the free version at some undetermined point in the future.

If you are interested in getting into Disney Speedstorm ASAP, the links you’ll need for each platform are below:

We haven’t been able to review this one for you, but signs are positive based on early impressions like the ones over at VGC, who said, “On the track, Disney Speedstorm is a fantastic karting game with great handling and a host of unique features to set it aside from generic Mario Kart clones. It’s very much a live service game at its core, though, so players not willing to put in the time (or the money) may not find it compatible with their gaming habits.”

Purchase one of the available Founder’s Packs to be among the first to play the ultimate hero-based combat racing game inspired by Disney & Pixar worlds with exclusive Founder rewards!