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Horizon Forbidden West’s 1.21 Update Adds PS5-Exclusive Accessibility Features

Water big update!

Horizon Forbidden West’s massive new Burning Shores expansion has finally arrived, and with it a sizeable update to the game itself, at least for a portion of players.

Patch 1.21 for the game has dropped alongside the new DLC, weighing in at a hefty 14GB separate to the Burning Shores’ 17GB install. It brings with support for the new content, naturally, but also a host of improvements that includes some great new accessibility options. The stand-out features are an auto-loot and a “Thalassophobia” option which improves visibility underwater and adds infinite breath for players that struggle with a fear of deep water.

Unfortunately, PS4 owners seemingly won’t be getting these upgrades as the patch is for PS5 only.

Here’s what’s new:

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Patch 1.21

  • Thalassophobia – This feature aims to ease thalassophobia symptoms by improving underwater ambient visibility and allowing you to breathe indefinitely, regardless of story progression.

  • Improved UI readability options – Added options to increase waypoint and quest icon sizes.

  • Navigation Assist – Added an option to assist the player’s orientation during a quest, with a new option added in Focus mode to face the camera towards the current objective. Additionally, if the user has a waypoint set the camera will prioritize aiming towards this direction.

  • Color Blind settings – Added new color blind accessibility options.

  • Auto Camera – Added an option to allow the camera to follow your movement behavior from the left stick without having to control it with the right stick.

  • HUD Vignette – Added an option to add a vignette to darken the edges of the screen, increasing contract and improving HUD readability.

  • Auto Pickup – Added an option to automatically collect pickups without button-press interactions from the player.

  • Improved Subtitle Sizes – Increased the size of subtitles for the Large and Extra Large options.

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