Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks

It Looks Like GTA 6 Could Launch As Early As Next Year

Take-Two is gearing up for a big year.

It’s been a hot minute since the words “Grand Theft Auto 6” started being thrown around en masse, not since those enormous leaks back in September 2022, anyway. Now, it’s back in the conversation with a financial report from Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two, leading many to believe that the next big GTA title could land sometime between April 2024 and March 2025.

In a press release accompanying its FY 2023 financial report, Take-Two said the following:

“Looking ahead, Fiscal 2025 is a highly anticipated year for our Company. For the last several years, we have been preparing our business to release an incredibly robust pipeline of projects that we believe will take our company to even greater levels of success.

“In Fiscal 2025, we expect to enter this new era by launching several groundbreaking titles that we believe will set new standards in our industry and enable us to achieve over $8 billion in Net Bookings and over $1 billion in Adjusted Unrestricted Operating Cash Flow. We expect to sustain this momentum by delivering even higher levels of operating results in Fiscal 2026 and beyond.”

Rockstar Has Confirmed The Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak In A Statement And Says Development Will Continue As Planned

The part of this statement that folks are latching onto as indication that Take-Two is referring to GTA6 when it mentions “groundbreaking titles” is the company’s forecasted net bookings (the net amount of products sold in the period) of an enormous $8 billion USD.

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Take-two’s results for the fiscal year it just reported on came in at $5.3 billion USD, which is itself an all-time high and comes off the back of its acquisition of mobile giant, Zynga, so a goal of $8 billion USD and then even higher results following would certainly indicate a launch with the magnitude of the next Grand Theft Auto and then a whole lot of ongoing revenue from the likes of GTA Online in the years to follow.

Unless, of course, Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis 2 is on the way, in which case Take-Two should be moving those goalposts up another few billion.