A New PlayStation Handheld Has Been Officially Revealed That’s Built For Remote Play


This morning saw a huge new PlayStation Showcase with over an hour of reveals, updates and gorgeous trailers.

One of the more interesting reveals came by way of the announcement of a new handheld, one that had already leaked previously but we hadn’t seen with our eyeballs just yet.

Codenamed “Project Q”, the device essentially looks like a tablet surrounded by two halves of a full DualSense controller, and it’s designed strictly for Remote Play from a PS5 console over WiFi, meaning it’s still somewhat travel-ready wherever there’s Wi-Fi good enough to access your console at home, but more likely something you’d keep around the house for when you’re in another room or someone else is using the telly.

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It’ll feature an 8″ 1080p LCD touch screen, giving you a big, beautiful display to play your PS5 games on, and all of the existing DualSense features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are packed in.

PlayStation also announced a new set of official gaming earbuds alongside it, which will obviously make a good combo.

Take a look at the first-ever reveal of the handheld below: