Ghostrunner 2 Is Coming This Year And It’s Upping The Ante Massively

Get it in me.

This morning saw a huge new PlayStation Showcase with over an hour of reveals, updates and gorgeous trailers.

One of the slickest-looking trailers came early on by way of the announcement of a sequel to the excellent 2020 first-person action game, Ghostrunner.

Ghostrunner 2 will take players to a more expansive and immersive world, introducing a motorbike used in both traversal and combat, along with a host of new abilities and situations to navigate at breakneck speeds. It’ll also reportedly add whole new layers of depth with a central hub, deep dialog systems with neutral characters offering help in the world and more.

Ghostrunner 2 is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC at an unannounced date.

Check out the debut trailer below: