Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Newest Update Finally Makes Its Platinum Trophy Achievable

Thank Godmother!

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s fifth major update, The Remembering, has just dropped and brought with a heap of new content, improvements and fixes. One bonus change, and surely massive relief for trophy/achievement hunters is that it’s suddenly been made possible to actually earn all of the accolades the game has to offer.

To date, a heap of the game’s trophies/achievements have been pretty grindy, especially those based on actions that can only be taken a certain number of times a day (I’m looking at you, night thorns), but one in particular has been completely unachievable – Renovator. This one tasked players with repairing a total of 30 houses in the game, generally something that happens in the course of introducing new Disney residents to a player’s valley, with one small problem.

To date, only 13 houses existed within the framework of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s story and quest progression to be repaired even after five major content updates, leaving players to wonder how much longer and how many more updates it would take before 30 repairable houses even existed. Months? Years? Wonder no more, friends, as the in-game requirement for the feat has been updated to only need require 12 repaired houses in total, causing the trophy/achievement to trigger as soon as players who’ve previously fixed up that many abodes load up their save with The Remembering update added.

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Released today, Update 5 for Disney Dreamlight Valley brings more new story content as well as introducing the Fairy Godmother as a new resident of the Valley and finally making a home of that pumpkin house in the Forgotten Lands. On top of this, new items are available through both Scrooge’s shop and the Premium Shop, players are able to customise furniture and save outfits on mannequins, add road borders (!!), rock an umbrella in the rain and a heap more.

There’s even a new Performance Mode option that allows players on new-gen consoles and PC to up the limit on objects placed in their valley. A new Star Path has also kicked off that’s themed on Pixar, including items from the new Elemental film, and the mystery of the coloured potato potions is making a return. Lastly, a host of bug fixes has been implemented including a fix for the annoying Passion Lily colours being wrong in the Frosted Heights biome, and the aforementioned Renovator change. See a full list of patch notes here,