I’m Obsessed With Fruitbus, An Adorable Upcoming Open World Food Truck Adventure Coming Next Year

The Mangobus is co-ming! And everybody's lun-ching!

Developer Krillbite (Mosaic, Among The Sleep) has recently revealed its next project and since discovering it I can think about little else. It’s not coming out until next year, but the unfortunate result of that is I’ll be thinking about it throughout the next year or so of massive releases. Spider-Man 2? Super Mario Wonder? Alan Wake II? Never heard of them. All I know now is Fruitbus.

The studio calls Fruitbus a “cute culinary adventure, set in an open world where taste is everything,” and the game looks to put players behind the wheel of a food truck and on-foot in first person as they explore an adorable, cartoonish world, grow their business, customise their truck and interact with all manner of animal citizens. It’s slated to launch in 2024 for PC and unannounced console platforms.

Here’s what we know about Fruitbus via its Steam page:


Fruitbus is a cute culinary adventure, set in an open world where taste is everything. Upgrade your trusty truck and visit a whole world of new destinations together. Discover fresh fruits and vegetables on each island of the Gustum archipelago, learn their customs and cook meals that will make someone’s day.

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Upgrade Your Fruitbus

From a giant springy banana to racing wings, customize your Fruitbus to reflect your personality. Find new ways to attract customers with music and bright colours.

Forage in the Wilds

Treat Mother Earth well as you adventure into the wilds and gather ingredients. Find inspiration for your next top-selling dish in ancient glades, secret groves, and forgotten grottos.

Refine Your Recipes

Upgrade your kitchen to fit your play style. Make fun and original dishes for customers to try or take on the challenge of making the local delicacy.

Food for the Soul

Grow a following of loyal customers and discover their unique stories by creating dishes that evoke feelings and memories. Use the power of food to help and unlock new possibilities for you and your Fruitbus.

Check out the Announcement Trailer for Fruitbus below: