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EA Legit Got The Saddle Club Back Together To Recreate An Episode In The Sims 4

It's in the saddle.

Here’s one I didn’t expect to wake up to – EA Australia has gone and bloody done it, and they’ve reunited everybody’s favourite horse girlies The Saddle Club for a special video promoting The Sims 4’s new Horse Ranch expansion.

Aussie TikToker, Starr McGowan, gets to live out her childhood dream of being in The Saddle Club by recreating one of the show’s episodes – and brings along the OGs, Lara Jean Marshall, Keenan MacWilliam and Sophie Bennett to reprise their iconic roles (while doing a bang-up job of playing everyone else herself).

It makes the first time in 17 years that the main cast have reunited, which is pretty neat for fans. Check it out below:

Reuniting with the gang to embark on a nostalgic journey while launching The Sims Horse Ranch was an absolute delight,” the trio said in an accompanying press release.Bringing to life a scenario with a dedicated fan of The Saddle Club, like Starr McGowan, highlights how the show still brings happiness to people after all these years, which is incredibly heartwarming. Moreover, witnessing the immense creative possibilities within The Sims was awe-inspiring – it genuinely felt like we had entered a simulated Pine Hollow experience.”

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“Collaborating with the original cast members for The Saddle Club to celebrate the release of The Sims Horse Ranch has been an actual dream come true” added McGowan. “Seeing Keenan, Sophie and Lara all together again reprising the roles that brought me so much joy as a kid was wild and getting to actually play a scene alongside them was a real pinch me moment. It’s amazing what we’ve been able to achieve using The Sims as an animation tool to bring our little scene to life so I really hope people enjoy the content and find some inspiration about what they can actually create in The Sims with this latest expansion.”

The Sims 4’s Horse Ranch expansion pack is available now, head here to learn more and pick it up if you’re keen to go on your own Saddle Club adventures.