state of play september 2023

Everything Announced At The PlayStation State Of Play


PlayStation held a brand-new state of play showcase this morning, focused on indies, third party titles and PS VR2 games, bringing a decent little 20-ish minute collection of updates, new trailers and announcements.

In case you missed the show live, here’s what went down:

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Has Segways

And Golden Saucer! And Chocobo Racing! AND VINCENT. This new trailer is absolutely wild. And we have a release date of February 29th – on two discs!!

Separate Ways Is Coming Very Soon

Resident Evil 4 fans are up for a treat, with Capcom giving us the reveal we’ve been waiting for – the release date for the Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways DLC – and it’s coming next week on September 21st!

Resident Evil 4’s VR Mode Is Nearly Here

It’s the other update you’ve been waiting for, and Capcom has dropped a fresh new trailer showing off its full PS VR2 mode for Resident Evil 4, which still doesn’t have a release date but its pegged for Summer this year.

Getting Deep (Earth)

PlayStation has revealed a new Deep Earth collection of DualSense controller and PS5 Cover Plate colourways, which look kinda slick.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Is Looking Neat

Insomniac begun by thanking fans for their feedback in the last gameplay demo trailer, and went a bit deeper into the new map and near-instant Spidey-switching. The studio has gone to lengths to make the discovery of activities and challenges feel more integrated into the game world, with environmental cues and AR icons.

Tales Of Arise Is Risen Again

Did not expect this! The original Tales of Arise was a fantastic return to form for the series, so the fact that a major expansion is on the way after so long is huge news (for me, at least). It’s also coming very soon on November 9th!

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Honkai Star Release

If you’re anything like me and you’ve been holding out for a PlayStation release date for Hoyoverse’s new big thing, you’re in luck. It’s coming very soon on October 11th.

Baby Steps Stumbles Towards Release

A new trailer for Baby Steps, which is being brought to the world by the folks at Devolver Digital, and from minds including Bennett Foddy of Getting Over It fame. It’s coming in Winter.

Roblox, I Guess

Roblox is coming to PS4 on October 10th, at which point it will have nearly completed its total domination of the world.

Ghostbusters In VR2!

Bust ghosts in VR with friends on the PlayStation VR2 in Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, which is coming on October 26th.

Hey, Listen! I am Na’vi

I’m actually quietly keen for this one. Whatever your thoughts are on James Cameron’s very expensive film franchise, it’s a world made for video games and Ubisoft seems to be making good on that promise.

Ghostrunner 2 Continues To Look Cool As Hell, And There’s A Demo!

If you never played the first Ghostrunner – get around it. Or just play the demo for the sequel, because it looks sick.


Another new look at Helldivers II, which actually looks like a heap of fun and way more impressive and big-budget than anyone could have expected from a Helldivers sequel. I’m ready to disappoint my friends in the heat of battle, even if the game’s been delayed slightly into a February 8th, 2024 release date.

Foamstars Is Throwing A Party

A Foamstars Open Beta is happening! Remember Foamstars? Square Enix’s Splatoon-like actually looks like a ton of fun, so sign me up (literally).