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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Release Date Has Been Announced And It’ll Have 100 Hours Of Content


PlayStation held a brand-new state of play showcase this morning, focused on indies, third party titles and PS VR2 games, bringing a decent little 20-ish minute collection of updates, new trailers and announcements.

The show was capped off by a hugely exciting new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, not only revealing the game’s release date but absolutely blowing the lid off of what fans can expect from the game including playable characters, hunts, mini-games (including Gold Saucer!), new summons, enemies and a world packed with “free exploration.”

Square Enix says the game will feature nearly 100 hours of content, spread across two discs, with players able to return to regions on the world map at any point after they’ve been through them in the main quest, and the side quest content will apparently double that of the main stuff.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is releasing on Thursday, February 29th and will come in a few different editions, including a Twin Pack with Final Fantasy VII Remake, a Deluxe Edition and a gorgeous Collector’s Edition.

Check out the stacked trailer below: