A Horizon Forbidden West Board Game Is On The Way


Guerrilla Games has teamed up with tabletop champions, Steamforged Games, to create an official board game based on Horizon Forbidden West.

Titled Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion, it’s actually the second time Steamforged has dipped into this universe, but it’s a little more special this time around with both teams working together to create a canon narrative within the Horizon story for this board game, covering events fans have yet to see as a prequel to Aloy’s arrival in the Forbidden West itself.

Seeds of Rebellion is built on the same tabletop engine created for the Horizon Zero Dawn board game, and will provide 1-4 players with a cooperative and narrative-driven experience, according to the information on the Steamforged blog, which sets the scene as so:

“In the distant lands of a far-future Earth, colossal machines rule and humans exist in pre-industrial tribes. Your adventure will take you to the majestic yet deadly Forbidden West, before Aloy’s arrival. Much of this frontier is the territory of the warlike Tenakth. Though the tribe is currently united under the great Chief Hekarro, a rebellion is fomenting in the dark corners of this mysterious place. This potential insurrection threatens the hard-won, fragile peace between the Tenakth’s three clans.”

The Kickstarter campaign for Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion is set to launch on November 21st, with the game packing new machine miniatures and even featuring backwards compatibility with the previous game. Steamforged will be rolling out more information leading up to the Kickstarter launch, including gameplay videos.