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The PlayStation Access Controller Is Out Now So Here’s Everything You Need To Know

A huge step toward accessibility on PS5!

PlayStation’s innovative new Access Controller has arrived, and it’s set to unlock a whole new world of possibility on PS5 for even more gamers than ever.

The PlayStation Access Controller is available as of today for $139.95 AUD (you can get it right here) and packs a huge number of features designed to allow players to fully customise their accessible experience depending on their range of mobility and other needs, including being able to add on third-party devices.

You can learn everything you need to know about the The PlayStation Access Controller below:


The PlayStation Access Controller is a highly customisable controller kit designed to help players with disabilities play games more comfortably, for longer. Built for easy access, the controller can be operated from any 360° orientation, used on flat surfaces without needing to be held and can also be attached to an AMPS pattern mount or tripod.

The PlayStation Access Controller allows users to fully customise the physical layout with swappable analogue stick and buttons caps, adjust the length of its extension arm, fit onto tabletops, wheelchairs trays, AMPS mounts or tripods in any 360° orientation, create and swap between multiple profiles at the touch of a button and fully adjust stick settings from direction calibration to sensitivity.

It’s also able to interface with third party devices through industry-standard expansion ports, or add on a second Access Controller or even a PS5 DualSense controller to augment the setup to individual needs.

The base kit includes:

  • Access controller
  • USB cable
  • 8 Pillow button caps (attached to controller)
  • 4 Flat button caps
  • 4 Curve button caps
  • 2 Overhang button caps
  • 1 Wide flat button caps
  • Standard stick cap
  • Dome stick cap (attached to controller)
  • Ball stick cap
  • 23 tags
  • Quick start guide and safety guide


The PlayStation Access Controller is available right now at most local Australian retailers for an RRP of $139.95 AUD. You can get it at any of the below:


The PlayStation Blog has a host of videos of the setup experience with the Access Controller, including its uniquely-accessible unboxing, connection to the PS5, initial setup UI as well as setting up and managing profiles to save your controllers button assignments, orientation, sensitivity and more. You can watch that below:

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Another video goes into more depth around how to customise the Access Controller’s hardware to suit a range of needs, including what you get in the box, how to switch buttons and tags, set up the analogue stick, secure it to an AMPS mount or tripod and integrate third-party devices through its four expansion ports.

You can watch them both below:


Logitech has also revealed the first third-party accessory kit for the Access Controller, developed in collaboration with SIE. The Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit for Access Controller adds extra, customisable plug and play buttons that can be arranged in any way on a slip mat or easily mounted to suit a diverse range of needs.

These extra buttons plug straight into the four 3.5mm expansion ports on the Access Controller, which is an industry-standard connection and will allow players to plug in a range of third-party buttons, switches and other accessories.  The kit will be available starting January 2024.

All up, the kit will include:

  • 8 plug-and-play buttons and triggers, including two small buttons and two large buttons that feature gaming-grade mechanical switches, two light-touch buttons, and two variable trigger controls. Easily configure them on your PS5 console to suit your gaming needs.
  • Firm gaming mats with a hook and loop system that let you freely lay out buttons and triggers to fit your unique needs.
  • Velcro ties to maximize mounting options, such as attaching buttons and triggers to objects like arm rests.
  • Custom stick-on labels of PS5 symbols so you can easily mark your buttons and triggers for seamless gameplay.


PlayStation has also launched a dedicated Support page for the Access Controller, where users can get any extra information or help they need from what each part is called and how it functions, how to connect and personalise it and how to troubleshoot any issues or get extra support from PlayStation. You can visit the page right here.

The PlayStation Access Controller is available now for $139.95. Amazon has is here with free shipping.