A Gorgeous New Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trailer And Screenshots Have Dropped


Square Enix has dropped a shiny new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the game that was recently crowned the Most Anticipated Game of 2024 at The Game Awards and is gearing up to launch in less than two months.

The new trailer, dubbed “Destined for Rebirth,” shines a spotlight on everyone’s favourite antagonist, Sephiroth, as well as showing off iconic moments like the fight against the Terror of the Deep boss, the Junon ceremony and Nibelheim Incident and even a look at the terrifying Midgar Zolom/Midgardsormr.

Take a look at the new Destined for Rebirth trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth below:

Alongside the trailer, a healthy serving of gorgeous new screenshots has arrived including some great battle shots of Cait Sith and Yuffie in action along with a new major artwork for each. Take a look at all of those below:

In my hands-on with a lengthy portion of the game last year, I said, “If what I played is anything to go by, there’s a good cadence here of modern-feeling open exploration bookended by visits to stunning recreations of familiar locales from Final Fantasy VII along with thoughtful updates to scenarios, characters and encounters that OG fans remember. This small taste has me incredibly excited to see the rest of Rebirth’s vast world and whether the team truly has managed to keep up the fidelity and depth of gameplay, visuals and sterling fan service achieved in Final Fantasy VII Remake in a far grander scope than before.”

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We don’t have all that long either, with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth set to launch on PlayStation 5 on February 29th. You can pre-order it now on Amazon for $99 with free shipping and pre-order price guarantee.