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Hi-Fi Rush Dataminers Have Discovered More Evidence Of PlayStation And Switch Ports

Such a tees.

After reports started coming in from industry insiders and leakers earlier this year that a recent Xbox Game Studios title could be shirking its exclusivity and making its way over to PlayStation and Switch, the most prevailing theory seemed to be that this game was Hi-Fi Rush.

While neither Microsoft nor Tango Gameworks has confirmed that anything is happening, a recent update adding some new in-game t-shirt designs has brought these rumours back to the surface. The update contains a number of new designs, including some that only appear in the game when played on particular platforms – for example a green “Shadow Dropped!” shirt on Xbox consoles or a “This Is Simply Unreal Epic!” for the Epic Games Store players.

The big mystery comes via two shirt designs that don’t appear on any current platforms but are included in the game files after this update, both of which can very strongly be argued as references to PlayStation and Switch. One, a blue design, reads “I’m Here Baby” with main character Chai pulling a distinctly Cloud Strife-esque pose. The other, a red design, reads “Rock Out! Anywhere” which can be taken as the idea of playing Hi-Fi Rush on the go with the Nintendo Switch.

Previously, Windows Central’s Jez Corden had said, “They say there’s no smoke without fire. I will say that it has been suggested to me from very trusted, proven sources that Microsoft has been exploring bringing some of its back catalog to other platforms, although some of the details remain vague and unconfirmed. We’ve reached out to Microsoft to comment and clarify its position on this stuff.

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“Given the track record of lolilolailo, Nate, and my own sourcing on this, I think the rumours will probably pan out into reality — but until things are fully confirmed, remember to take this kind of stuff with a grain of salt.”