Major Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Spoilers Look To Have Leaked Already So Be Careful Out There

Casting Silence now just in case.

Final Fantasy VII fans and eager new players alike have pretty reason to start muting those key words or even logging off of social media entirely, because major spoilers for this month’s Final Fantasy VII Rebirth have reportedly already started appearing online more than two weeks out from launch.

As reported by Kotaku, screenshots, videos and descriptions of events within the game have begun making their way to sites like Reddit where some might willingly seek them out, but also video apps like TikTok where it can be easy to accidentally see something you didn’t want to. While there are plenty of images out there that clearly look faked, others we’ve seen are far more convincing and potentially devastating for future players to see too early.

Of course, there’s the fact that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a retelling of a story from nearly 30 years ago, but anyone who’s played both the original and 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake (or paid enough attention to them) will already know there’s likely plenty more in store for this world and these iconic characters than Square Enix is willing to reveal ahead of time.

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The trophy list for the game was also leaked early last week, and while the potential for spoilers isn’t quite as high as these new bits, it’s also something of a minefield if you’re trying to go in fresh.

I recently had the chance to join the Square Enix lead developers in Los Angeles and check out the first four hours of the game, saying, “After pretty much having the DualSense controller pried out of my hands at the end of our session, I’m filled with nothing but excitement for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and unwavering confidence in this team to deliver something that’s true to the 27-year-old source material, but also fiercely modern, filled to the brim with new experiences and with an identity all its own. Bring on February 29.”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches exclusively on PlayStation 5 on February 29th. A demo is available now on the PlayStation Store and you can pre-order it on Amazon for $99 with free shipping and pre-order price guarantee.