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Forever Skies Will Be A PS5 Console Exclusive When It Launches This Year

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Forever Skies, the post-apocalyptic sci-fi survival game from developer Far From Home, which sees players return to an ecologically ravaged Earth in search of the cure to a mysterious illness, will be launching as a console exclusive on PS5 later this year – on the same day it leaves Early Access on PC.

“Far From Home has teamed up with PlayStation to focus on making Forever Skies the best it can be for its console debut,” gameplay lead Andrzej Blumenfeld announced in a press release. “So, at the end of PC Early Access when we’re ready to release the full game, we’ll be launching it on PlayStation 5 for consoles. Worry not though, this will not affect the ongoing development or release of the Steam version which will come out at the same time.”

The studio says that the final version of the game will support both single-player and up to 4-player co-op, and along with the console release new it’s also dropped a new update for the Early Access version of the game on Steam that adds a plethora quality-of-life improvements. The next major update on PC is set to drop in the coming months and will add the next story chapter, complex airship gardening systems, new locations, and new equipment.

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The PlayStation Blog has published a story detailing the creation of and inspiration behind Forever Skies which you can read right here, and if you’re keen to jump in sooner with early access on PC, the game is currently 20% off on Steam.

When we first checked out the game in a much earlier build, we were optimistic about what it had to offer, saying “I’m keen to see what Forever Skies offers past its opening moments. The hallmarks of any survival game are here, but the intriguing setting and reliance on a mobile base of operations give it a unique edge. Combined with the promise of co-op, combat and additional biomes down the road, I will undoubtedly be coming back when it launches.”

You can see a brand-new trailer for the game below: