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Spider-Man 2’s New Update Has Accidentally Given Players Access To The Debug Menu

With great power comes great responsibility.

With a long-awaited new update out for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 today, which brings with it a New Game+ mode and Mission Replays along with some handy new settings and accessibility options, one new addition to the game is seemingly unintentional and less-than-ideal for Insomniac Games.

Players with the new update have discovered that it’s inadvertently enabled a developer debug menu in-game, which can be opened simply by pressing the pause and touch pad buttons in quick succession. The menu allows users to tweak a heap of settings they normally wouldn’t be able to, like enemy behaviours, player health, loadouts, animations, UI settings and even skip ahead to whichever mission or sequence they want to.

Curiously, the debug menu also mentions at least one character who isn’t in the game, which has already led to speculation about future DLC, though it could very well be left over from content that never made it into the game.

Naturally, Insomniac has warned players off of accessing or messing with the debug menu, saying that using it could corrupt saves and/or trophy progress. It’s working on a hotfix for the issue which will no doubt be deployed very soon before all of these spiders become too de-bugged.

The newest update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is now live, bringing with it the long-awaited New Game+ mode as well as Mission Replay, the ability to change the time of day and new accessibility features like Screen Reader, Audio Descriptions and more.

“We’re so excited to bring all of these accessibility features and improvements to you – thank you for your patience and support as we prepared for the 1.002 update,” said Schaffel. “With our first-ever Screen Reader, we cover not only the settings but the FNSM App and all the Touch Pad menus including comprehensive map, skill tree, tech readouts and more,” says Sam Schaffel, accessibility design researcher at Insomniac Games in an official blog post.

“Robust cinematic caption and customization options cover off-screen sounds, emotional music cues and key gameplay sounds – written concisely so they can be easily read during calm scenes or intense set pieces. All these features, along with over 60 others, were crafted with love and care to add to player’s experiences. We hope you enjoy these accessibility features whether it’s your first-time playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, or if you’re returning to check out New Game+.”