planet of lana

The Gorgeous Planet Of Lana Is Out Now On PlayStation And Switch


Planet of Lana, last year’s excellent debut from Swedish indie developer Wishfully Studios, has finally landed on PlayStation and Switch consoles after being exclusive to Xbox and PC for nearly a year.

The game, a lovingly-crafted side-scrolling puzzle adventure, follows a young girl and her loyal friend as they take on a rescue mission through a mysterious and colourful world fraught with both danger and beauty.

For those wondering, the game reportedly looks and runs excellent on Nintendo’s handheld as well, with the Switch version landing some pretty positive reviews. Nintendo Life said, “Planet of Lana intelligently combines elements of classic cinematic platformers to make something distinctive and characterful. For a tight five hours or so, it keeps up the pace, with very few taxing puzzles or tricky action segments to slow progress. Leaning into easier gameplay in favour of visual and auditory spectacle, it looks the part and runs consistently well. It’s a treat for the long-suffering cinematic platforming fan – perhaps even destined to join that short list of classics.”

You can find the game on the respective digital storefronts for the new platforms below:

You can also check out the most recent trailer for the PlayStation and Switch versions of the game below:


We gave Planet of Lana a very respectable 8.5/10 when it originally launched last year for Xbox and PC, with Brodie saying, “Planet of Lana is a profoundly moving title that couples its clever, companion-driven puzzle-solving with an irresistibly gorgeous presentation to create what is, so far, the year’s prettiest, heartrending indie.”