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Umurangi Generation VR Is Out Now Along With A PlayStation Release

Don't sleep on this!

The VR version of the excellent Umurangi Generation from Aussie developer Origame Digital has launched across Meta Quest and PlayStation VR2 headsets, and along with it the “flat” edition of the game has also finally made its way to PS5 and PS4 consoles.

Set in a version of the city of Tauranga in Aotearoa, as its citizens do their best to maintain a semblance of normality under the cacophony of gunfire and an impending doom, this M?ori sci-fi banger casts players as a courier and hobbyist photographer, giving them the opportunity to freely explore the city and do their best to document the state of things. It’s a really special experience, and one that players on PC, Switch and Xbox have had access to for a while now.

The VR version of the game offers a whole new perspective, and a more intimate version of the game. You can grab it from the below links as well as the PlayStation versions of the game and a bundle containing both.

Unfortunately we weren’t offer a review opportunity for this one but here’s what the official descriptions say you can expect from Umurangi Generation VR:

Making Use of VR for a More Personal Experience

Observe the doom and gloom sprawling across your sights, move around and interact with the environment in a more natural manner. Unlike the standard non-VR version, dress yourself in the skin of your choice, get the attention of people around you with a simple snap of your fingers, and pose with gestures in photos and selfies.

Awaken Your Creative Side

The game presents you with a list of objectives called “Photo Bounties”. Simply snap away to complete all Photo Bounties before delivering the parcel to proceed to the next stage. Each photo you take will be judged on its color, content, and composition.

Full creative control

With a strong emphasis on the freedom to expression, the game does not set rules on what makes a good or bad photo. Take and edit photos with the various tools available to you to produce your own unique snaps. The whole point is for you to explore and have fun with your creative side!